Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Barrie

Silk requires professional attention to ensure it’s well-cleaned and well-managed as a natural material. A traditional silk rug comes along with a set of delicate features, which require meticulous attention to detail during the cleaning process. This is to ensure the rug doesn’t fade or start to warp. With wool area rugs, dirt can start to find itself in the base of the rug with other contaminants such as fur or hair.

Organized off-site rug cleaning is recommended for wool area rugs to remove potential dirt, dust, and grime. With excessive dust or dirt build-up, the rug requires an annual cleaning to remain in good shape. Certified rug washing will guarantee a well-cleaned rug that’s going to be devoid of contaminants.

Oriental & Persian Rug Cleaning in Barrie

With their unique reds and blues, Persian rugs are luxurious and require special care to maintain their elegance. With a wide array of world-class cleaning methods, this team is able to clean your rugs in a professional manner. We are able to provide wonderful attention to detail with all types of rugs from India, Russia, Iran, China, and Persia.

Oriental area rugs are noted for their wool and demand professional rug cleaning to eliminate underlying dirt. To do this, one of our trusted technicians will work on the rug to bring it back to life and provide ongoing repairs. From complete restorations to minor repairs, our team is able to do it all for area rugs.

Stay Environmentally Friendly

Area rugs are used throughout the day and this can be seen in a variety of properties including at home or in the office. As a result, they start to accumulate dirt or dust, which is impossible to vacuum using traditional equipment. Professional area rug cleaning ensures the dirt is removed along with all of the allergens, stains, and bacteria. This is a good way to promote a healthier living space that’s devoid of dust particles. Barrie Carpet Pros is all about providing professional solutions as a trusted rug cleaning company. The team uses a robust steam cleaning solution to manage the rugs’ fibers and eliminate all types of contaminants.