Dry Carpet Cleaning – What You Need to Know

Dry carpet cleaning is a type of carpet cleaning that uses liquid detergents and cleaning solutions. This form of cleaning keeps moisture from forming after the cleaning is done. It is made for fine fibre carpeting and for carpets that are delicate. It works with a powder-based agent as well as a solvent. Here is how it works.

The carpet gets sprinkled with the solvent. Sometimes this is sprayed onto the carpet. It is then spread over the carpet evenly and generously, so it gets into the base. The solvent is left for half an hour depending on the type being used.

After the solvent is sprayed, a brush is used to reach every part of the carpet. The solvent grabs hold of dirt and then dissolves it into itself so that when the carpet gets vacuumed, the dirt is taken up quickly and completely.

Before a dry carpet cleaning solution is used, it is wise to use some precautions. Solid dirt made up of dry residue from formerly liquid spills should be removed by hand as completely as possible before the dry cleaning. Check carefully for any solid chunks of dirt. If any are in the carpet when the dry solution is used it could cause the carpet to become damaged. These solid pieces should be easy enough to spot or to feel just by looking over the entire surface.

Before the dry carpet cleaning process is used, make sure the carpet is as dry as it can be. If a liquid was ever spilt on it, the liquid should be absorbed by hand. Use cotton or a soft towel to absorb it as the littlest bit of moisture can cause the powder cleaning agent to become weakened. This would dilute its ability to clean the carpet thoroughly. If there are any stains present, these should be removed before the dry cleaning, so that they are not dissolved again into the carpet with the solutions used in this cleaning process.

Dry carpet cleaning is a popular cleaning method. There are few risks involved in using it over the liquid cleaning processes and many carpet makers recommend dry cleaning as the way to clean their products. Dry cleaning does not damage the carpet at all and it works even on carpets where the manufacturer has not recommended this process. It is a safe method for cleaning any carpet.

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